Sunday, November 23, 2008

Configuring DMVPN


I spent some time until I reach the working config of DMVPN. DMVPN solution combine IPSec, mGRE and NHRP to achieve scalability that we need when implementing the solution. If you get stuck with the CLI configuration, I strongly recommend to configure it with SDM, and then erase and go back to configure it with CLI. The working config that I'll upload is with default naming and settings from SDM. Router B is simulating Internet, Router A is the HUB router, and routers C, D and E are the spoke routers. All the spoke routers have defined default gateway on their fa0/0 interfaces (in practice, those interfaces should be dynamically assigned by ISP). The NHRP part of the config is a bit tricky, however configuring it via SDM is straight forward.


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