Sunday, February 28, 2010

First design exam, Cisco CCDA

Earlier this week I vent on CCDA. It wasn't that easy as I expected, but I got somewhat lucky and I was able to pass it with 87%. Passing score is around 82,5%.

There were a lot of question from Security, Routing, VoIP, QOS and Wireless. Extensive amount of questions came from SONA and Hierarchical design methods (Access / Distribution / Core layers)   Some of the questions were tricky and took some 10 minutes calculation before answering.

I would like to share the books that I've used for preparation for this exam:

- Top-Down Network Design

I've been through this book page by page. I've enjoyed every second spent on it, as it tries to teach you how to think before designing some topology. Also the resources on the web page can be very helpful for the future. Highly recommended!

- CCDA Official Exam Guide

After top-down book, I've been through Wireless and VoIP chapters from this book, and briefly reviewed routing part. Last week before the exam, I've been through summary part of each chapter, and used the quick reference guide:

- CCDA Quick Reference Sheets.

Make sure that you're very well prepared before sitting on this exam. It is tricky, and it covers a lot of material.

Good Luck!

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