Sunday, February 28, 2010

Next challenge, BGP

After passing CCDA, my next adventure will be BGP. I'll use 2 sources, both of them recommended from my 2 colleagues who are CCIE holders.

- Internet Routing Architectures

According to my colleagues this is the BGP bibles. I've been through the first 4 chapters, and I cant wait to finish it.

In meantime I'll do some labs and troubleshooting using the book below (you should expect  uploaded dynamips files and diagrams here in near future, unless I get extremely busy or lazy ;-) )

- Routing TCP/IP volume II

Jeff Doyle has a blog as well.

And off course I'll consult one of the best (if not the best one) networking blog from BGP/MPLS guru Ivan.

I'll keep you posted on this, I'm sure. In meantime if someone stumbled accross my messy blog, and have found another place with configuration tasks with solution in BGP, please leave a comment.

Thank you!

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