Saturday, February 6, 2010

Going aside - Network Design

I've started to get more responsibilities of proposal of new solutions to our customer, not only related to security, I've decided to go through some design books, and maybe attempt a design exam from Cisco as well.

About CCSE, I'll wait for Bobby video to came out in February, and I think that should fill the gap needed for me to pass CCSE.

In meantime few days I go, I came across this book. What I like about it that it is not exam oriented, like certification guides, but it is more oriented to teach you how to think as designer.

Also very useful resources on author book site.

For me now there are 2 path's:

1. CCSE, CCIE Security Written and CCIE lab.

2. CCDA, then BGP, a bit of voice, and then CCDP.

Will depends on what role I'll have in the future of the project. Anyway, I'm sure I'll enjoy both path's. 

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