Friday, January 1, 2010

Checkpoint CCSA instead of CCIE Written

Just decided to do CCSA before CCIE Written.

I have more then 4 years of experience with Checkpoint products, but I've never sit down to read for some of their products that I haven't used. I've done few installations of the firewalls, I've created approximately 50 site to site tunnels using Edge or 3rd party devices.

Now this decision came up because most probably I'll get a task to upgrade complete Checkpoint Infrastructure for our client from R62 to R65/R70, and I decided to work on it. After 1 month work approximately 2-3 hours per day, I'm 1-2 weeks away from exam date.

If you decide to do that I encourage you to use the following:

1. Install Smart Center and Firewall on SPLAT, test Windows (AD server) host and/or Backtrack test host and do your own labs at home

2. I've used this R65 book

3. CCSA CBT Nuggets

4. CPUG Group Forums

I'll update you with my exam experience once I sit on it.

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