Friday, January 8, 2010

Checkpoint CCSA passed with 81%

Yesterday I've passed the exam with 81%.  The score is not that good, because I got 33% on the LDAP questions (I was too lazy to install AD on my Windows 2003 machine, and there were 7-8 LDAP questions) The rest of the topics vent fine with some of them above 70% and most of them above 80%. I've finished 5 topics with 100%.

Few questions on the exam were rather strange, and I wasn't able to understand them, even after 5 times reading. One of the questions had multiple choice answer (from 5 options) and 1 of the answer offered was: 1, 3 and 3 :) I've wrote a comment on that question, so I hope no one will get it again. There were 7-8 questions from general Network Security, not related to Checkpoint products at all.

Except the sources specified in this post, I've used the following:

- QOS Chapter from NGX II version 1.1 book

- SmartDefense white paper

- 2 very good blogs/sites: fir3net and netl33ts

Good Luck!


Sreejith said...

HI,Thx for the info.I am planning to write next week.Help me in understanding any dumps u refered .If so is it P4S 2.73.Waiting for ur reply....

Мартинката said...


Carlos said...


was the p4s 2.73 version still valid or do you know some other actualization that can be download? Thx

Sreejith said...

Hi Carlos,

P4S still valid but not updated .I got nerly 34 question out of dumps. i also gone through actul test,which is available in 4shared .com.Read the book thoroughly...

Avinash said...

Hi mate,

Good on you. Is it possible for you to upload any CCSA study guides or exam material. Or may mail it across if possible.

Mail id:


DarkSide said...

You can find the Admin Guides from Checkpoint for free. I can't share the soft copy of the book, but check, and you'll find someone there who is selling it.

Presidential Training said...

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