Monday, January 18, 2010

Checkpoint CCSE, 1 week before exam day

I've been through most of the material so far, except SSL Network Extender and Clientless VPN. I'll do this tonight, and I'll book my exam either on friday this week, or monday next week.

Few notes so far: I advise you to go through material in the following order:

1. Upgrade Chapters

2. High Availability and Cluster XL

3. VPN theory chapters

4. Site to Site VPN chapters

5. Remote Access VPN chapters

The reason for that is because in VPN chapters there are a lot of ClusterXL related stuff, and I had to go back and forward between them all the time, so I decided to go through ClusterXL before VPNs.

Note that Load Sharing mode will not work with 15day licence. You need to licence your virtual machines, before making those labs. There is 30 day evaluation version on the CD which comes with the book.

You can find details of used materials here.

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