Saturday, January 23, 2010

CheckPoint CCSE Failed with 63%

It is my first failure on certification exam, and I've been on more then 10 exams so far.

My feeling studying for this exam is that Checkpoint doesn't teach you how the things work according to RFC, but where to click in the GUI in order something to work.

I was amazed again from exam quality. 3 of the questions were repeated with different answers. 4-5 of the questions I wasn't able to understand. There was a mistake in the questions instead of "process" was mentioned "device", and thing like that.

I got 50% on remote access, VPN :-) , Clustering, and 60% on Site-to-Site VPN :-) And there was plenty of theoretical questions on the exam. I hope they can verify their theoretical questions, as really they were close to impossible to understand them. Also they are not following the RFC terminology on the technical questions. With my background in Cryptography and hands on practice on VPN with the product, I shouldn't have any problem getting 100% on many of the topics.

But, always look on the bright side of life :-)

The plan is to show up once more in 2 weeks. In meantime I'll go through the material one more time, and I'll blog my notes for each topic.

That will definitely be my last exam in Checkpoint. I don’t think it is worth to spent time, money and nerves on exam with such poor quality.

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